3 Must-Know Tips Before You Make Choices About Having Tile Installed

1) Get Someone Certified in Tile Installation.

No matter where in the St Louis area you end up buying tile, the smart way is to get your own certified installer instead of relying on the luck of the draw from a store crew. It doesn't need to cost more, and in fact often turns out quite opposite, on top of the added benefit of additional peace of mind and higher quality results you will be living with for years.

Also, if you haven't picked out tile yet, it's smart to get valuable advice from an installer first.

Following the guidance of this first point is your surest way of avoiding inferior results, headaches, and wasted money.

Here's why
has little tolerance, and is the most crucial floor type to install with best-practices and precision. Errors made with improper adhesion or even small, inaccurate measurements lead to future repair or replacement costs— all of which can be avoided.



Besides that, there are a set of best practices that are often ignored by those not up to the standards that certification requires.

This adds the kind of risk to the durability and beauty of tile. This risk may be immediately apparent by inferior workmanship, or will show up later with cracked and loose tiles or grout problems.

With installation rates generally being standardized, why take chances on the uncertainty of someone lacking certification?

bathroom tile installation

2) Dispel the myth of the handyman when it comes to
getting the smartest deal on tile installation.

A good handyman can be great when it comes to many household repairs and certain types of construction . . .

Because you saw it on this website, just ask to get 15% off labor

Certified Flooring Services

Recognized in St Louis and western Illinois as a trusted authority for all types of tile in -




 On the other hand, not knowing their limits can be costly.

Calling one for tile work is a lot like a general practitioner in the medical field. Would you want a family practice doctor to do your knee surgery?

Installing tile is long-term to permanent. That's why it's best done by a certified tile specialist with a history of full time practice.

The allure of the "lowest price" fades quickly while the beauty of top-quality tile installation lasts for many years, adding significantly to your home's value.


One of the most common sources of customers for Certified Flooring Services -

People who have hired a handyman to do their tile work and now they need it repaired or redone. 

For some, it's why you're visiting this website.


installed kitchen tile backsplash

 Image above - Tile backsplashes add lasting value, beauty and easy-to-clean luxury to your St Louis area home.


3) Pay attention to the kind of warranty your tile installer offers. 

30 days?  6 months?  One year?

See Certified Flooring Inc's installation warranty on the About Us page. It exceeds common warranty because of the level of workmanship and expertise.

We hope that knowing these 3 tips will guide you to the best results when you have your tile installed. Remember, you'll be living with the results for a long time.

livingroom floor tile

Save money and headaches. Tile installed with best practices from a top-notch source leaves only durable beauty in your home or business. 

Don't get tile installed until guaranteed beautiful results come with lasting piece of mind.

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Did You Know?

Most people don't know there's a wiser alternative than getting everything done from a tile store. 

If you haven't picked out your tile materials yet, get free advice and set it up with Charlie.

You might save money and you'll be doing it the smart way.

- Flooring stores and their crews  vary greatly in workmanship quality.

This is especially true when it comes to tile installation. It's often the luck-of-the-draw that decides the crew that works in your home.

Not so with Certified Flooring Services.

- Hiring a certified tile professional saves time, problems, and often money too.

It's especially true when you remember this is a long-term to permanent flooring material.

- Getting Certification for a contractor is no easy matter.

A very limited number of St Louis area tile flooring installers have certifications from either FCITS or CFI.  Certified Flooring Services is one of few that has both.

- Two international flooring certification associations were brought about to develop higher standards of workmanship.

They define and foster best practices for tile and other flooring installation.  The certified choice means you are assured the highest level of workmanship- an especially important thing when it comes to tile flooring. 

- Some people think  . . .

 . . . if they purchase their material at a particular store, they are limited to the flooring crew of that store when it comes to tile installation. Hiring Certified Flooring Services Inc. offers an option that takes away the risk and enhances quality of workmanship

- Getting advice from a certified tile specialist is smart.

It's one thing to choose a color of paint for walls, but entirely different to choose the best tiles for a floor designed to last a lifetime.

Tile St Louis reminds you that flooring consultations are at no cost, yet are likely to save you plenty of time, money, and inferior results.

The level of advice of an unbiased certified pro like Charlie Skaj can help you make the best choice for your home for many years to come. 

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